Prominade Constructions has developed a reputation for producing custom renovations of outstanding quality. Our expert staff can take your design and lifestyle requirements and build the home of your dreams.

Existing Home Renovations:

If your home is seventy mission brown, eighties terracotta and tile or nineties peach, although the layout still works for you and your family, an existing home renovation is a fantastic cost effective option. Also upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms while bringing the rest of your home into the 21st century with new floors and carpets, paint, light, fixtures and landscaping, etc…

Prominade Constructions Design and Building Process Includes:

  1. Initial consultation and Design Brief:

Prominade Construction staff meet with onsite to discuss with your home requirements. We will then provide an overview of our services plus the design and building process and listen to your needs, ideas and requirements.

  1. Concept Design

We then run through with you to review the overall objectives and requirements of your building.

  1. Build Cost Estimate

We then present a preliminary build cost based on the plans provided to us. Building costs are then provided an indication of budget.

  1. Signing of Preliminary Agreement:

Once you are completely happy with the initial design and you have approved the preliminary estimate, we will arrange a preliminary agreement and then organize on your behalf things like… working drawings, engineering drawings, the _________ and soil testing etc… After this we can then provide you with a more accurate fixed price quotation for your renovation works.

  1. Design Development and Interior Design:

We work closely with you to ensure that your design and lifestyle requests are incorporated into your design. The result is a home that will match your budget and bring together your ideal for your dream home. We guide you through all the finishing touches for your new interior space provide price information.

  1. Pre-Construction Documentation and Find Working Drawings:

All working drawings are finalized, including engineering specifications and land surveys. Contracts are prepared and any applications for planning approvals etc… are made.

  1. Signing of Building Contracts

Upon approval of our quotation, Prominade Constructions will prepare the contracts. We combine all our design, material colors, and engineering information into one easy to follow document. Once you have signed and agreed to proceed we can begin the construction phrase.

  1. Building Approval:

Upon signing of contracts we will pay the relevant insurances and levies and lodges the building applications etc… for approval with an independent Private Certifier.

  1. Pre-Construction Phase:

Constructions will commence after the Building Approval is obtained and a written Confirmation of Mortgage Settlement from your lender or evidence of owner capacity to pay the full contract price, along with proof of land ownership is received.

  1. Construction Phase:

Prominade Constructions work to strict building timelines and provide regular updates and communication throughout the entire construction process. We ensure that all of our quality standards are met and that the workmanship complies to our exacting requirements.

  1. Handover/Practical Completion:

The day that we handover the keys to your new home is a very exciting moment. We make sure that you are happy with all aspects of your new home. The renovation warranties and certificates will be given to you upon final payment.

Our success is built on the fact that our customers love what we’ve have done and we want you to be a part of the Prominade Constructions Family.

  1. Our Ongoing Commitment:

We stand by the quality of our Projects and the high standards of our workmanship. Your home is covered by a 7 year warranty.